Art Walk Wrap-Up: Art Walk was amazing - everything I hoped it would be! I learned a lot, met some lovely people, felt part of an artist community, and sold some art. 
Hearing the support and positive feedback from Art Walk visitors was very motivating. People would comment on the bright colours or the paintings they liked as they walked by. I am so grateful for all the kind words and encouragement!
I sold three of my largest paintings - Maligne LakeNorthern Ontario River, and Mount Edith Cavell. I’m so glad that all of them went to really great people. I hope that their new owners will enjoy them for years to come. I also sold postcards, prints, and quilted boxy pouches. (Some of the rest is back up on my Etsy shop!)
It was also great to walk around and see all of the other artists and incredible art that is happening in Edmonton. As a first-time Art Walk participant, I was lucky to have such lovely, knowledgeable and helpful artist neighbours Sylvia Soo and Maria Pace-Wynters. Thank you so much for all your chats and support!
And - thank you Paint Spot and Art Walk volunteers for helping make it happen!